About Us

Phoenician Resources acquires long-lived oil & gas production and reserves in low-risk, long-established conventional basins in the United States. We manage those assets both to enhance their long-term value and provide stable cash flow and attractive returns to our investors. Our strategy relies on proactive and broad deal sourcing, streamlined deal evaluation, and a disciplined investment and asset management process.

Since our founding in 2013, we have formed three vintage funds targeting the same strategy and operating footprint. We expect to continue this strategy through successive vintage funds that will offer investors the opportunity to appropriately pace their capital deployment over time and across the commodity cycle. We are currently investing Phoenician Resources Fund III.

Our History

Phoenician Resources Fund I

  • First close – October, 2013
  • Fully invested – September, 2016
  • 13 investments across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana

Phoenician Resources Fund II

  • First close – September, 2016
  • Fully invested – August, 2019
  • 22 investments in the same geographies as Fund I

Phoenician Resources Fund III

  • First close – August, 2019
  • Currently investing
  • Targeting the same geographies as Funds I & II